Friday, March 13, 2015

Show: 30.04.08 with Melanie Challenger

A show with poetry old and new. Melanie Challenger talks about her experiences in the Antarctic and shares some poems while Nick Stibbs talks about the life and work of Rumi. 

Captain Beefheart and the magic band - ElectricityThe Rude mechanicals - Beefheart's Greenhouse 
Amena Khan - Technicolour 
Aidan Smith - Morning was Your Picnic
Melt-Banana - Chain-shot to have some fun
Public Enemy - Bring the Noise
Lou Reed - Vicious
Ivor Cutler - A Bubble Or Two
Warren Zevon - Excitable Boy
Moth Conspiracy - Dracula
Yellow Magic Orchestra - Behind the Mask
The Trench Parrots - My Ex-Girlfriend Walks In
Toma - Lost In The Night
Baby Shambles - Stone Me - What A Life!
Portico Quartet - news from verona
Nick and Cherif - Rumi
Aidan Smith - Lament of a Victorian Prostitute, London 1865
Kazoo Funk Orchestra - Walking Into Lamp posts
Clare Crossman - Fenlight
Belle and Sebastian - Space boy Dream
The Nice - Rondo (69)
Wynton Marsalis - You and Me
Anne Berkeley with Martin Figura - How we learnt to tie a piece of string from the rafter
The Sparkiovoggel - Y'ar what Y'ar
Mr Maps - Life Like Little Soldiers
Muxu - Hishiko

Thursday, February 5, 2015

Freakaholics Anonymous - Fen Invasion

Cambridge duo and former radio show guests Freakaholics Anonymous release their debut album which is as random and kitsch as the Tron inspired artwork. There are tales of love between and eagle and trout, bus driver and passenger and possibly the first disco track on the subject of keeping tropical fish. A lo-fi synth fest with a healthy disrespect for convention.

Have a listen to their Headstand interview here and look out for their freaky multimedia stage show.

Sunday, February 1, 2015

UK Party Leaders' Twitter poems

New site Poetweet creates poems from Twitter feeds. The social media network has become a vital channel of communication for politicians, so what poetic gems lie in the major party leaders’ tweets in the run up to the general election?

An eloquent sonnet by the prime minister starts in St Symphorien cemetery in Belgium and ends in the city’s financial district. Ed Miliband delivers a confused manifesto for an equal Britain while Nick Clegg shows rare passion and vitriol in a sonnet that urges the public to vote and backs industries of northern England and Scottish devolution. 

This is what you get when you feed the party leaders’ tweets through new Brazilian site Poetweet which trawls twitter feeds for material to produce poems in one of three classic forms. You can almost hear Nigel Farage intoning lines about tobacco and the international media in a short sharp indriso, which in true Ukip fashion, ends with an own goal. Not surprisingly, Green Leader Natalie Bennett’s rondel, The Ground, features air, clean water and healthy food and condemnation of fossil fuels. 

If you follow the links you can view the poems on the site and hover over words to view the tweets they were drawn from, and while you’re there have a go at making a poem from your own tweets or someone else’s.

Who gets your vote as the bard of Twitter?

With friends
by David Cameron

St Symphorien cemetery in Belgium
Financial security for them.
Madiba's life at the FNB stadium.
Of the Nativity in Bethlehem.
On ITV's at 10.35pm with and host
Courage and fortitude.
Government will pick up the cost.
Respect, admiration and gratitude.
Happy New Year!
Who've worked hard all their lives.
Labour couldn't be more clear:
Ending sexual violence in conflict.
We must be doing something right."
Of the city's financial district. 

And Abingdon
by Nick Clegg

Vile. This is totally out of order.
Half marathon in April to support
Sure the UK is a world leader.
Today. Well done, what an effort!
Sure you can vote! Register here:
Don't care, jobs lost?
Fans. Unbelievable atmosphere.
The Thames to support bid to host
Industries in North of England.
The public have waited long enough.
We will honour her life’s work and
As the original card though.
Package of new powers to Scotland. 

Equal Britain
by Ed Miliband

Spend valuable time with loved ones
Before they can claim benefits
Barbaric killing of David Haines.
Create jobs and make profits.
Abuse We need zero-tolerance:
Of Rochdale for three decades.
Callousness and incompetence.
A time for restraint on all sides.
Missed from the House of Commons.
And every day he proves them right.
No answers on the key questions.
To BT and CWU working together
Terrorism to be totally condemned.
Next May I'll scrap it altogether:

Has summarised
by Nigel Farage

Have shared tobacco, not chocolate.
Maths or Medical degrees.
Ask for inclusion in a 2nd debate
Your followers who expect better
International media paid no heed:
Admit they've made politics matter
Against the EU Arrest Warrant:
UKIP is elected. Desperate times... 

The ground
by Natalie Bennett

All support appreciated!
Of, but happy to try if invited:
Air, clean water, healthy food...
To fully cover my top corners!
Fossil fuel projects despite pledge
&ignoring views young voters
Are some mushrooms in the fridge!
Issues they'd hope to see raised.
Not prop up a Tory government.
Sigh, not surprised...
Carving. Not a political statement!
Totally opposed: 

Wednesday, January 21, 2015

Show: 2.4.08 with Judy Kendall and Elaine Cusack

Underworld - Moaner 
Felix Kubin - This is no dream
Jellica - I wld di 4 u 
Fantomas - 04/02/05 Saturday
Aidan Smith - Pockets
Rob Ellis - Parade in your palm
P J Harvey - Good Fortune
David Francis - In a Storm
The Broken Family Band - Honest Man's Blues
The Beatles - Good Day Sunshine
Ivor Cutler - Go and Sit Upon The Grass
The Classic Buskers - Overture to the marriage of figaro
Muzikas - swineherd's dance
Richard McGuire - J'accuse
Keith Dersley - Roughneck Road
Steph Brown - Accidental Me
17 Hippies - Schattenmann
Cream Cheese of Sun - Hadashi no sorari
Max Tundra - Pocket
Amp Live - Nudez
Chris Morris - Club News
Portico Quartet - Too Many Cooks
Dion McGregor - Mr Crench
Harry Partch - The Wayward: I. U.S. Highball-A Musical Account Of A Transcontinental Hobo Trip

Monday, December 15, 2014

Show: 10.12.08 Christmas Show with Moth Conspiracy and Nick Stibbs

An archive show to suit the festive season including Patrick and Gez from Moth Conspiracy live in the studio, an interview with Tobias Hill and Christmas poetry read by Nick Stibbs.

The Pogues - Fairy Tale of New York
The Doors - Wintertime love 
Timmy Christmas - Christmas fever
Steph Brown - Sovereign Throne Room
Wild Billy Childish and The Musicians of the British Empire – Santa Claus
Man or Astroman - Frosty the Snowman
Morgan - Christmas in Waikiki
The Who - Christmas
Half Man Half Biscuit - All I want for Christmas is a Dukla Prague away kit
Poetry read by Nick Stibbs:
Mike Harding - The Christmas Market
John Betjeman - Advent 1955
Spike Milligan - I’m Walking Backwards for Christmas
Edmund Hamilton Sears - It Came Upon a Midnight Clear
Los Hermanos Ayala - Jingle Bells Polka
Joseph Spence - Santa Claus is Coming to Town
Gorky's Zygotic Mynci - Christmas Eve
Pete the Temp - The Temp Song
The Beatles - Christmas record 1963
The Flaming Lips - Christmas at The Zoo
The Dandy Warhols - Little Drummer Boy
Dylan Thomas - A Child’s Christmas in Wales (part 1)

Thursday, November 27, 2014

Show: 05.03.08 with Simon Pomery, Frances Leviston and Peter Howard

Another two hours of vintage Headstand including interviews with Simon Pomery and Frances Leviston live in the studio – Cambridge poet and Joy of Six member Peter Howard.

The Bonzo Dog Doo Dah Band - The intro and the outro
David Francis - a closed mouth kiss and penultimate actual
Scroobius Pip - Freedumb 
Dan Le Sac - Rappers Be
Um - The Man's got me beat
The Man From Uranus - Accident Facts 22
Felix Kubin - Too Technical
Moth Conspiracy - Extra
Toma - 5 weeks
Ivor Cutler - Yellow Fly
A pain in the neck
A Wooden Tree
Interview with Simon Pomery and Frances Leviston
The Kazoo Funk Orchestra - Disco Disco Disco Theque
Ramapo Valley Chorus - Disco Medley
The Joy of six - Package
John Hayden - Nebra-ska
Public Enemy - Rebel without a pause
Peter Cook and Dudley Moore - One leg too few
Dion McGregor - Scavenger Hunt
Lowney's Chocolates - The By Cracky Beat
Fantomas - Delirium Cordia

Monday, November 3, 2014

The Prisoner of Mars - A Night Out In The Wrong Shoes

Earlier this year Cambridge musician came on the show to talk about his latest crowd-funded album. The album has been recorded and copies sent to supporters. Everyone else can pre-order it via Bandcamp and listen to the selection of tracks. It's a delicious blend of disco, funk and weird synth gubbins. As Prison of Mars himself puts it: "I pull sounds from here, from there - chuck them together and vomit them into the ether. Many duck for cover, others are willingly hit in the face."